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Weddings are not a one size fits all experience and you deserve to have your perfect wedding day as you define it.  For some that is a big traditional wedding with all the frills, and that is wonderful. However, if you had something different in mind then we will make it happen

What is an elopement?

An elopement is a wedding day that puts your love first, above all else. It is a day where you savor every moment focusing only on what really matters: the love you have for each other. The two of you live in the moment and really connect with who you are as a couple.  You have an unforgettable experience tailored to you and exactly what you want to do. 


Think of the best day of your life and how you would want to spend it.  Getting married to your soulmate is at the top of the list of course, but what else would you do during the best day ever?  Would you spend the day hiking and gazing at vast landscapes?  Explore a city and grab drinks at a local brewery? Watch the sunset over the ocean? Or would you spend it at home in your backyard around a bonfire?  It could be anything, just as long as it means something to the two of you.

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Eloping with friends

Elopements are intimate gatherings of 20 people or less, where everyone involved is there for you and to witness your love.  Just you and your fiance spending the day being in your own world.  Or you could include some of the people who help share and grow your love. It is entirely up to you!  You don’t put on a production for a crowd or spend time and energy cultivating the perfect wedding guest experience.  Instead, you concentrate that energy on creating your own experience. No formalities, no obligations; just you and what you hold closest to your heart. Of course we will be taking pictures every step of the way for you to share your experience with anyone that couldn’t attend.

What would your elopement day look like?

Everyone knows how a traditional wedding day will play out.  We have all been to weddings as guests, family, friends and bridal party members. But what would your elopement day look like? It’s a unique experience few have had so it can be a bit challenging to imagine.  While it is entirely different from couple to couple an elopement day timeline might go something like this:

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Wake Up

Get up and pour yourself a cup of coffee!  After a quick breakfast it's time to get ready.  Today is your wedding day after all, so time to zip up that dress and suit up.

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First Look

Set your gaze on the love of your life in their wedding day attire and savor the moment of seeing them for the first time.  First looks could be at your home, hotel/bnb, or at an epic location you choose to meet at.  If you’d rather save this moment for right before you say I do that is wonderful too.  It is your day and it can happen anyway you imagine.

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Pick somewhere meaningful or beautiful or somewhere that is just so authentically you.  It could be your favorite hiking spot, the place where you had your first date, a rooftop with a view. The possibilities are endless.  


You say your vows, your real vows, from the heart.  Since you have decided to forgo the large audience there is no reason to be nervous or hold back. You can include any traditions you’d like or maybe create a new one.  If you’d like to include family members you have brought with you or honor ones that are not present there are plenty of ways to do so.  It's your elopement ceremony, make it what you feel it should be.

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We can start by exploring your ceremony location.  You picked it for a reason after all!  I'm not talking about a rushed photo session during your cocktail hour trying to get in all your photos before the reception begins. I mean really explore and enjoy the space.  We will be there to take photos, but this a part of your day to enjoy and remember forever.  If you decided to get married on a mountain top we could have a picnic, explore the trails & waterfalls nearby, go kayaking, or ride around on 4x4s.  If you have your ceremony at city hall we can go sightseeing, grab a drink, hit a museum, and relax in a cafe.  If you had your ultimate day off to do absolutely anything together what would you do???

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Whether it's just you two or you are with your closest friends, you should celebrate on your wedding day.  Have a personal chef come and cook you dinner, drink champagne under the stars, BBQ in your backyard, or take a boat ride on the Delaware.  Do you want to cut into a wedding cake? Have a first dance to your favorite song? Go for it!

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An Elopement Wedding Day deserves to be documented just as much as a traditional wedding day.

Elopements used to be quickie ceremonies between star crossed lovers escaping a disapproving family. Throughout history they have gotten some flack for being less than a traditional wedding and that is simply not the case anymore.  


This is the day you will be joining your lives together as one.  The story of this day should be told just as much as a large wedding if not more.  You guys are doing this wonderful, personal, and unique thing, and your friends and family will want to know all about it.  Without an army of iphone wielding guests, your wedding photos will be the only window into this incredibly intimate experience.  


Years to come you will look back on your wedding photos and remember the entire day and the adventures you shared together.   Elopements are so much more than the Ross & Rachel Las Vegas drunken mishap.  They are more than an unplanned ceremony and a few posed portraits.  Your elopement is the beginning of the rest of your lives together.  It is the start of your family.  It is just as sacred as any wedding could be.


So what is your wedding story going to be?  Let’s talk about the best day ever!

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