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Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located in Langhorne PA in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Most of the time we are photographing in the greater Philadelphia area, Lancaster, The Poconos, New Jersey, Delaware, & New York. We love to travel and are always down for an adventure! So if you're planning a destination wedding or eloping somewhere awesome we would be ecstatic to come along.  We have tons of great location ideas if you are looking for suggestions!

Q. What equipment do you use?

A.  We use a variety of professional equipment that we are constantly upgrading to insure we have the very best!  We always bring back ups of everything so even if something unexpected happens we don’t miss a beat.

Q. How many images will we receive?

A.  While we never limit the amount of photos we take at a shoot, engagement sessions typically range between 100 to 150 photos and weddings are usually between 600-900 photos. The number of photos varies with how much time you allow for your photo session and how long you have us scheduled for.

Q. How do we book our wedding date?

A. To book us for your wedding we just require a signed contract and $100 deposit. Once you are ready to make it official just call/email/text and we will send you a contract to look over.  The remainder of your balance will be due 10 days before your wedding. You can make payments by mailing in a check to our Langhorne Office or requesting an emailed invoice to be paid by card.

Q. What is your style?

A. We are  known for mixing our “fly on the wall” style with traditional photography. Most of the day we shoot discreetly capturing all of the natural candid moments.  Either after a first look or your ceremony we have a portrait session. During this session we take a range of different photos. Family photos tend to be a bit more posed making sure your relatives have something to add to their wedding photo collection.  For your romantic photos we like to “stage” you rather than pose you. By giving you something to do like walking down a path or telling a silly story we are able to capture real moments and genuine smiles in a well composed photograph. We tell your love story and take great pride in our art.

Q. Is there anything we need to do during the downtime before our wedding day?

A. Time may go by without any contact, but don’t worry! We are here for you with any questions you, your family, planner or other vendors may have. We are always happy to provide our Certificate of Insurance and any other documents that are requested by your venue.

Q. Can we meet our shooters?

A.Because our shooters are professional wedding photographers and videographers, shooting just about every weekend, we find it is best to introduce you by a phone call the the week of your wedding so that only you're wedding is their only focus. We keep a file on your wedding plans that is shared with your photographer so they are always in the loop.  If you would like to chat with your photographer before then we can schedule a phone call. Another great way to meet your photographer before the wedding is to have them take your engagement photos!

Q. Can we make prints with the edited digital files?

A. Definitely! Every package comes with copyrights to the images so print them like crazy! We don't want those photos collecting digital dust on some hard drive. You can order prints through your online gallery or take you photos to your favorite print shop.

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