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Devon Associate & Second Shooting

I love to second shoot! Or associate shoot, or anything that lets me spend as much time as possible behind the camera!!!

About Me.

I am beyond excited to help out at your next wedding assignment! I have been photographing weddings full time for over a decade and jump at every opportunity to do what I love: take amazing photos.

I have worked with dozens of local photographers both associate and second shooting. I recognize that every photographer has a different style and different needs, and I am here to support you and your studio in whatever way possible. Whether it’s getting alternative shots or covering the basics, keeping track of a long family photo list, or jumping in during the couples session just to give you a moment to catch your breath, I am your girl! My goal is to make the day run as smoothly as possible while allowing you to shine as the awesome wedding photographer that you are. I always present myself as a representative of your studio while on the job and do my best to conform to your shooting style.

My Gear


  • Two Sony A7IIIs


  • 16-28mm f2.8 lens

  • 28-75mm f2.8 lens

  • 50mm f1.8 lens

  • 28-200 f2.8 - 5.6 lens


  • Godox V1s Speedlight

  • Godox V860IIs Speedlight

  • Three Godox AD200 Strobes

  • Various light stands, tripods and diffusers

Eric & Thalia-58.jpg

Your Favorite Associate

What you get when you choose to work with me!

Exceptional Brand Representation

When I am on the job I am here to be your biggest fan. I’ll talk you up and make your clients confidant they made the best decision hiring you. I am happy to match your studios vibe, so if you have a uniform preference like all black, casual outfit, or match the wedding colors, just let me know. I also understand how important having a positive attitude throughout the whole day is. Part of seeing it all is seeing the not so happy sides of a wedding. I have helped manage crises and kept the mood light when things got a little dark. I have met my fair share of unagreeable characters but always maintain my composure and don’t let if affect my good energy and fantastic photos.

Unique and creative shots to deliver to your couples

I really love what I do and a fun part about second shooting is it gives you time to think outside the box and get some really cool shots! I have shot too many weddings to count at this point so I have seen it all. I am happy to divide and conquer, or work side by side.


I run my own studio so I know the stress of hiring someone new and hoping like crazy they show up on time and don’t flake. I know that in this industry calling out is NOT an option. If I commit to shooting for you I WILL be there on time with a smile. For any wedding, I usually hit the road with double the commute time on the clock. I would much rather get to the area and hit a Starbucks for a pre-wedding pick me up than run into some unforeseen traffic and be late. I have reliable transportation: my 2022 Jeep Rubicon 4xe. So, the wedding could be on the top of a mountain in a blizzard and I will be there!

Quick Delivery Of RAW Images

I am happy to shoot on your cards, upload via Google Drive, Dropbox, or use carrier pigeon! Whatever your preferred way of delivering images is, I am happy to try it out.

If you’d like to work together, get in touch today!

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